Our team

A unique combination of human psychology and canine expertise enables us to deliver a specialist cynophobia therapy program unlike any other.

Working with a variety of dogs allows us to tailor our sessions to each individual client's needs and specific phobia triggers, to help you build real-world confidence.

We look forward to meeting you soon, and helping you overcome your fear of dogs for good.

Anthony Berrick

Psychologist & Clinic Director

Anthony is a consultant psychologist and qualified dog trainer, with over a decade of clinical experience helping people affected by cynophobia and other anxiety-related difficulties.

A graduate of Sydney University, he has trained with leading dog behaviour specialists and psychology researchers in Australia and overseas.

Anthony believes strongly in shared decision-making and a person-centred approach where clients are empowered to take control and do what matters to them.

Anthony loves sharing his knowledge and helping clients overcome their fears to live bigger and fuller lives.

Tate Animals

Dog Behaviour Specialists

The Cynophobia Clinic is proud to partner with Tate Animals, a renowned team of dog and animal behaviour specialists.

Togther, Ryan and Jen Tate, Stephen Dalleywater, and Claire Chiotti have decades of experience training a variety of animals big and small. The team are best known for their extensive work training dogs for conservation and biosecurity work.

The Tate Animals team is passionate about helping people understand dog behaviour and psychology in order to enjoy positive relationships with dogs.

Therapy dogs

We think our dogs are the absolute best! These guys and girls have the most important job of all - teaching you the secret language of dogs.

Our furry therapists come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, to help you gradually work through your fears and build confidence to feel safe in the presence of any dog you may encounter in the future.

Below are some of the dogs we work with:

(02) 9191 1523 • info@thecynophobiaclinic.com.au • Chatswood NSW 2067

(02) 9191 1523
Chatswood NSW 2067