Our team

The Cynophobia Clinic is run by a team of well-behaved humans and highly-qualified dogs.

A unique combination of clinical psychology know-how and canine behaviour expertise enables us to deliver a specialist cynophobia treatment program unlike any other.

Our team of specially-trained therapy dogs, of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, allows us to tailor our treatment to each individual client's needs and specific phobia triggers.

We look forward to meeting you soon, and helping you overcome your fear of dogs for good.

Anthony Berrick

Consultant Psychologist & Clinic Director

Anthony has extensive clinical experience with anxiety-related conditions and is also a qualified dog trainer, giving him a virtually-unparalleled understanding of cynophobia and its treatment.

He has trained dogs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and has been invited to speak at the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists on the topic of fear and anxiety.

Ryan Tate

Head Dog Trainer

Ryan is a well-known and highly-experienced animal trainer with a degree in marine biology and numerous dog training qualifications. Having worked for over a decade at Taronga Zoo training a wide variety of animals, Ryan now spends most of his time training dogs in scent-detection work for conservation.

His dog-training expertise is highly sought-after and he has been featured in numerous TV shows providing expert advice on dog behaviour.

Steve Dalleywater

Dog Trainer

Steve has over 12 years experience working as an animal trainer in zoos and with companion animals. He developed his training skills wokring with seals, penguins and pelicans at Taronga Zoo, before broadening his experience to include marsupials, primates and birds for the zoo's education centre.

These days, Steve splits his time between working with cheetahs, servals, and other cats, at the Wild Cat Conservation Centre, and pet dogs in homes across Sydney.

Jen Tate

Dog Trainer

Jen is an experienced wildlife carer, animal trainer, author and conservationist. Like Ryan, she trained numerous species of animals during her time at Taronga Zoo, but now focuses primarily on puppy training and development.

Jen is passionate about native wildlife and is the author and illustrator of children’s book ‘Pouches, Paws, Tails and Claws'.

Claire Chiotti

Dog Trainer

Claire is a skilled animal trainer with over 15 years of professional experience. Her passion for animal training and conservation has seen her working in zoos around the world, training a variety of species from birds and marine mammals to ungulates and primates.

As well as working with us at the Cynophobia Clinic, Claire is a keeper at Taronga Zoo, trains dogs for conservation work, and does behavioural consults for pet owners.


Therapy Dog

Ace is the oldest and most experienced therapy dog on the team. He is perfectly suited to working with cynophobia clients of all ages due to his gentle nature and incredibly tolerant disposition.

He exudes calmness and is one of the most laid-back dogs you'll ever meet, but can be playful and enthusiastic when required. Like all beagles, he loves his food (even more than naps) and will do just about anything for treats.


Therapy Dog

Olive is a beautiful medium-sized Kelpie-cross who was rescued by Claire as a puppy from a shelter. She is a gentle soul with an inquisitive nature and a quick wit.

Claire has trained her to a high level of obedience and she can perform a wide range of behaviours on-cue, which makes her an outstanding therapy dog.


Therapy Dog

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more intelligent and highly-trained dog than Ari. A gorgeous working-line Australian Shepherd, he is a former world-record holder and has made numerous film and television appearances.

He is an ideal therapy dog as he can perform dozens of different behaviours on cue as needed, and is naturally very respectful of personal space. Ari is the dog that clients always seem to fall in love with, and we can understand why.


Therapy Dog

Finn is surely one of the prettiest little dogs you'll ever meet and has a beautiful temperament to match. He is the smallest dog on the team (there's not much of him underneath that lush coat) but is full of confidence and enthusiasm.

When he's not helping a client overcome cynophobia, Finn can be found playing with his human and dog companions, or practising his special talent - sniffing for truffles.


Therapy Dog

A gifted scent-detection dog, Taylor is used to working long hours doing physically-demanding conservation work protecting threatened species. To do this, she requires an endless supply of energy and an obsessive love of tennis balls - her ultimate reward.

These attributes mean she is the perfect dog for clients who need experience being around high-energy or 'jumpy' dogs.


Therapy Dog

Raffa is the youngest (and largest) dog on the team. His breed, Belgian Malinois, is very popular with police forces around the world due to their incredible athleticism and intelligence.

Despite his goofy and oh-so-friendly personality, his scary appearance and guard-dog training make him the ideal dog to work with clients (when they're ready) who are fearful of bigger dogs or are afraid of being bitten.

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(02) 9191 1523
312/185 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000